Lila Warrimou (Misaso)<br/>
<em>Hehi uehorëro (In her wisdom)</em> 2006 <!-- (recto) --><br />

natural pigments on nioge (woman's barkcloth skirt)<br />
99.0 x 82.1 cm<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Gift of David Baker, 2007<br />
2007.385<br />
© The artist, courtesy Ömie Nemiss Incorporated

Lila Warrimou (Misaso) Hehi uehorëro (In her wisdom) 2006

Lila Warrimou (Misaso)
Hehi uehorëro (In her wisdom) 2006

Ömie woman Lila Warrimou (Misaso), a paramount chief authorised to articulate the black pathways of a composition, has a predilection for dark linear motifs rather than variegated infill. Her brooding compositional drawings of an almost monochrome tonality reflect this mastery of line and invention. The assured vigour of Lila’s hand, grounded in her depth of ritual knowledge and experience as an artist entitled to experiment and deviate from established precedent, is particularly evident in this work. Its daring composition of three thick black lines punctuating a space bordered by two rows of diamonds, separated by a border of triangles, is startling in its concentrated aesthetic power and bold simplicity.