<em>Biden beats Trump (November 8, 2020)</em> (2021) <!-- (recto) --><br />

inkjet print and colour screenprint<br />
40.5 x 30.5 cm (image) 50.8 x 40.7 cm (sheet)<br />
ed. 3/80<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Purchased NGV Foundation, 2021<br />
2021.148<br />
© Fred Tomaselli, courtesy James Cohan, New York

New to the NGV: What is Responsive Collecting?

Be the first to know about new artworks joining the NGV Collection and hear some of the stories they connect with across time and place.

This week we talk about ‘responsive collecting’ and how NGV is telling stories of here and now through the works being acquired for the Collection.

Susan van Wyk, Senior Curator, Photography, NGV
Katharina Prugger, Curator, Contemporary Art, NGV
Jessica Cole, Assistant Curator, Prints & Drawings, NGV

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