Young visitors enjoying activities at <em>Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real</em> at NGV International.  PhotoLiz Sunshine

Making Art: Imagine everything is real for teachers

Level Prep–6

Making Art is an interactive, hands-on space for students to explore, learn, wonder and create. Students extend and build upon their knowledge, skills and understandings through a series of STEM-based (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experiences and activities, from digital artmaking to construction.

Links to the Learning Areas and Capabilities in the Victorian Curriculum include:

  • Visual Arts (Explore and Express Ideas, Visual Arts Practices, Present and Perform, Respond and Interpret)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking (Questions and Possibilities and Meta-Cognition)
  • Personal and Social Capability (Self-Awareness and Management, Social Awareness and Management)

Making Art provides an opportunity for students to apply their learning in a unique setting beyond the classroom and school environment.


Visual Arts

  • Explore ideas and artworks from different cultures and times as inspiration to create visual artworks (VCAVAE025)
  • Explore visual conventions and use materials, techniques, technologies and processes specific to particular art forms, and to make artworks (VCAVAV026)
  • Create and display artworks to express ideas to an audience (VCAVAP023)

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Investigate different techniques to sort facts and extend known ideas to generate novel and imaginative ideas (VCCCTQ012)
  • Consider ways to express and describe thinking activity, including the expression of feelings about learning, both to others and self (VCCCTM007)
  • Investigate a range of problem-solving strategies, including brainstorming, identifying, comparing and selecting options, and developing and testing hypotheses (VCCCTM020)

Personal and Social Capability

  • Identify and explore the expression of emotions in social situations and the impact on self and others (VCPSCSE016)
  • Identify the importance of including others in activities, groups and games (VCPSCSO022)