Jim DINE<br/>
<em>The kindergarten robes</em> 1983 <!-- (recto) --><br />

colour woodcut<br />
138.9 x 90.1 cm (block) (left) 138.8 x 90.8 cm (block) (right) 138.9 x 181.2 cm (image) (overall) 152.3 x 186.7 cm irreg. (sheet)<br />
ed. 55/75<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Gift of the artist, 2016<br />
2016.793<br />
© Jim Dine
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The kindergarten robes 1983
Media Release • 15 Feb 17

American artist Jim Dine gifts hundreds of prints to the NGV

15 FEBRUARY 2017: The National Gallery of Victoria today announced a significant acquisition of 249 prints by acclaimed American artist Jim Dine, traversing more than four decades of practice. The gift includes some of his most iconic print works featuring his signature motifs of hearts, bathrobes, tools, skulls and Pinocchio from the period of 1969-2013.

Emerging as a central figure of American art alongside Pop Art luminaries including Robert Rauschenberg in 1960s New York, Jim Dine has built a career exploring and pushing the boundaries of works in the print medium, whilst also practising as a painter, sculptor, photographer and poet.

At 81 years old, Dine has gifted some of his most iconic and monumental works to the NGV Collection, preserving his legacy in art history and making this the largest collection of his works in the Southern Hemisphere. He continues today to work and exhibit regularly.

Dine has gifted to the NGV as part of a global program of gifting, with works being placed in the collections of the British Museum and Boston Fine Arts Museum.

‘I have a love of the act of painting and printing, and it’s stayed with me. It’s always interesting and always different,’ he said.

Dine has often employed unorthodox methods of print-making. This includes taking to his printing plates with power tools, such as chainsaws and combining the techniques of etching, lithography, woodcut in one work, whilst also hand colouring each print so no two prints are ever alike.

The NGV’s gift include etchings, lithographs and woodcuts including Ex voto, 1996, a power-tool drypoint, double image heart print, one of the conventional and familiar symbols that Dine has made part of his vocabulary.

‘A true original, Dine is known for his ability to push the boundaries of print as a medium, and it is his spontaneous and energetic approach that has led to some of the most dynamic and richly-layered prints produced in 20th century art. As a contemporary artist working today, Jim continues to tread an unconventional path with his expressive methods of art-making,’ said Tony Ellwood, Director, NGV.

Gallery visitors can see a selection of Jim Dine works on display now on Level 2, 20th Century galleries.

A survey show of the Jim Dine acquisition, Jim Dine: A Life in Print will open at NGV International, July 14, 2017, with an accompanying publication detailing Dine’s gift.

Media contact:

Marion Joseph, Media and Public Affairs | 03 8620 2346 | 0427 147 999 | marion.joseph@ngv.vic.gov.au

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