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Photograph: Bronwen Hyde<br/>
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© Bronwen Hyde
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Future Bookshop
Photograph: Bronwen Hyde
Media Release • 29 May 12

Future Bookshop

How will we be reading in the future? Step into Future Bookshop at NGV Studio to find out!

On 2 June, the National Gallery of Victoria will open the latest project at NGV Studio, Future Bookshop.

Part art installation, part library and part interactive playground, Future Bookshop is a space for lovers of the written word. Bring a laptop, bring a smartphone, or just bring yourself and experience the ways we will be reading, writing, publishing and engaging with texts in the coming years. Explore, ponder, read, write and imagine the future of books – then add your own ideas to the exhibition before you leave. 

Featuring literary predictions from Emerging Writers’ Festival, Express Media, Freeplay, if:book Australia, Paper Radio, People Collective, SPUNC, Matt BlackWood and more, Future Bookshop imagines the brave new world of reading in a digital age.

Future Bookshop will also feature real, live writers working in NGV Studio. See how words unfold by visiting the “Words in Winter” residents from Mon 4 Jun – Sun 17 Jun. The 16 writers in residence and the Emerging Writers’ Festival team will be dreaming, collaborating, creating and asking – what is the future of writing? Come and watch our writers work, or peruse their constantly-evolving creations, on display daily at Future Bookshop which is also part of the Light in Winter Festival program at Federation Square.

Lisa Dempster, Curator, Future Bookshop says: “Reading is no longer a passive, private affair. The changing model of reading is all about connecting and conversing, the relationship between creator and consumer porous. The future is an amazing literary place. We know because we’re building it right now. It’s very exciting that we can imagine and discuss this future of literature in the dynamic and engaging space of NGV Studio.”

NGV Studio is a contemporary exhibition and event space that provides opportunities for audience and artist engagement. It promotes new and experimental art forms, encouraging innovation and experimentation in content, context, interpretation and display.

Frances Lindsay, Deputy Director, NGV said: “Since opening, Melburnians have embraced NGV Studio by showing their support both in presence by visiting the space at all hours of the day, and online too. The support has been phenomenal.”

For further information about NGV Studio and Future Bookshop, please visit ngv.vic.gov.au. NGV Studio is open Sun–Wed, 10am–5pm and Thu–Sat, 10am–10pm. Entry is free. Future Bookshop is a collaboration between the NGV and Emerging Writers’ Festival.

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