Tabor Robak <em>Megafauna </em> research project for Deakin Motionlab supported by the NGV

Megafauna X Deakin Motion Lab

Taking art from the physical to the virtual, Deakin University and Tabor Robak, have collaborated on a virtual reality exhibition which extends Robak’s Megafauna installation from NGV Triennial 2020. The collaboration is a research project for Deakin Motionlab supported by the NGV.

Glowing and cavernous, Megafauna is intended by the artist as both a sacred space and a sci-fi dystopia reflecting the mythology and deity-like importance that some speculate may be future trajectory of artificial intelligence (AI).

Robak’s artwork asks audiences to consider the concurrent risks and benefits of advanced technology. Within this VR space, replete with futuristic AI creatures that circle the Earth, observing and controlling humanity, we can reflect on the ethical and philosophical implications of our relationship to technology, and the emergence of biological digital hybrids

Megafauna VR experience is available on the Oculus Store.