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Melbourne Now countdown – day 21

Meredith Turnbull
Hanging Sculpture necklace, 2012–13

Co-workers – Hanging Sculpture for Melbourne Now is about making evident some of the ideas around the intersections between sculpture and jewellery more accessible to children.

My works tend to examine certain aspects of the histories of art, craft and design and in particular the intersection of craft and design with visual art. The Melbourne Now project draws a connection between ideas of adornment and décor: that something designed to be worn on the body has particular affinities with sculpture and its expanded practice.

Through testing components and materials together with the curator, exhibition designer and program coordinator we have created a workshop environment within a sculptural setting where children can make using a variety of specially designed shapes and objects in different colours, textures and materials.

Co-workers – Hanging Sculpture focuses on scale through the use of wall painting, decals, hanging components and their connections and large photographic images of small-scale handmade objects. It gives children an opportunity to consider, utility, form, abstraction and decoration by sitting down in the gallery to make something they can wear or hang in their chosen space: a necklace, a mobile or a hanging sculpture.

The sense of shared activity or co-working in the workshop reflects the actions in the studio and in exhibition, how distinct elements can respond and interact to form or underline certain relationships. It also creates a unique setting where a play between ideas of form and function can be used to create a new space for total design.