Melbourne Now countdown – day 43

From the very beginning of our planning for Melbourne Now, we knew that we would need to ensure that the digital technology supporting the project was as up-to-date and exciting as the project itself.  Part of that support would have to be a smartphone app.  So we were delighted when Melbourne Champions Robin Campbell and Bruce Parncutt said that they would provide the support we required.

We have an amazing in-house multimedia and website team, but in order to deliver this project on time we quickly realised we would need to bring in more help. We invited several of Australia’s innovative digital agencies to tender for the project, and we brought on board Melbourne-based httpsters Carter Digital.  We were asking a lot of our digital collaborators, as we have less than 100 days to deliver a substantial project. We are now half-way through our allotted time, and are very excited about the way the app is shaping up.

Melbourne Now is going to be so big that for most people it will take several visits to see the whole exhibition.  The app is being designed to enhance those visits and help you make the most of the time you have in the gallery.  There will be highlight tours of various kinds, so you can see, for example, a few of our Director’s favourite works in an hour.  You will also be able to select your own favourite works to create a tour of your own to share with friends. These are just a couple of the great features we’ve designed.  But to see more you’ll need to download the free app when Melbourne Now opens!