Melbourne Now countdown – day 64

Founded in 2009, Slow Art Collective is an interdisciplinary artist group whose members, Tony Adams, Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell explore ethics relating to production and consumption, sustainability, the environment, DIY culture and creative practices through collaboration and improvisation. Focusing on the act of making, their process-driven practice positions their work with the broader ‘slow movement’ philosophy. Reinforcing connections to people and place, Slow Art Collective encourages contemplation about the notion of expanding time itself and what we use and how we use it.

Integrating art, music, architecture, and environmentalism Slow Art Collective creates ephemeral forms of expression such as; site-responsive installation, performance and physical interventions in built structures.

Following on from SAC’s previous projects, MARLARKY is a site-specific installation at NGV Australia: The Ian Potter Centre for Melbourne Now. In the spirit of the bricoleur, MARLARKY will be constructed from recycled materials. Resembling a makeshift dwelling of interconnected cave-like spaces, this environmental work connects with ideas concerning creative sustainability, systems of value, D-I-Y culture and improvisation.

It will bring to mind a domestic environment that is inhabited by a fictitious (yet absent) character. Salvaged materials are utilised to create a multi-purpose space that provides the fundamental elements of domestication – eating, sleeping, washing, entertaining and relaxing. As the character is not present; each viewer, when entering the dwelling, becomes the inhabitant.

This commission is supported by Melbourne Now Champions the Dewhurst family.