Melbourne Now countdown – day 80

Melbourne Now is an exhibition about the art produced by this city’s practitioners but it is also implicitly about the communities that artists, designers and architects form.  Likewise, behind the scenes at the NGV we have a ‘creative community’ that is working to realise this complex and exciting exhibition.  NGV curators have traditionally worked (often alone) in their specialist areas to organise exhibitions but, in this project, over 20 of our curatorial staff have come together to, often working across disciplines.  It is a fascinating and organic process in which the constituents of the group grows and contracts continuously according to the evolution of the project.  Many other members of the Gallery team are also drawn into the process from Departments as diverse as Design, Education, Multimedia, Registration and Conservation. Our boardroom is home to large scale models of the exhibition spaces and, as the weeks pass, the empty wall spaces on these models have filled as the layout becomes tighter and the thematic groups clearer.  Curators and designers have now been assigned to various ‘zones’ within the building and are starting to work with artists in those areas to ensure that their requirements for display are met.  Already, areas within the NGV are slated to be demounted of their current artworks in preparation for installation.  The project is becoming a reality!