Melbourne Now countdown – day 86

Designed by architects McBride, Charles and Ryan, Community Hall is a purpose built space for Melbourne Now that will be located on the ground floor of NGV International. Reminiscent of an amphitheater, its circular design will accommodate a range of interchanging programs that reflect the breadth, complexity and multi-layered character of our dynamic city.

Functioning as a meeting room, stage, platform and catwalk, Community Hall will be an active space of making, discussing, sharing, performing and discovering creative connections and offshoots.

It will have screens for audio-visual content, a state of the art sound system and portable seating so audiences and presenters can make the best use of the space.

It will also have a multi-purpose stage that can be used as a rostrum, workbench, catwalk, or generous plinth.

For several months now the Public Programs team have been developing a variety of free programs and events that will involve the widest range of community expression from multicultural groups, collectors, artist collectives, chefs, choirs, academics, hobbyists, artists, designers, bike enthusiasts, architects, baristas, poets…the list keeps expanding as indeed it should.

Featuring workshops, fashion shows, talks, master classes and even a petting zoo, Community Hall will be a great place to gather and connect with our dynamic Melbourne community.



The Community Hall is supported by Higgins Coatings.