Melbourne Now countdown – day 92

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Extreme model making and the art of Melbourne Now

The last couple of months have been about extreme model-making. The construction of micro worlds & mini urban environments made of paper, card, glue – not to mention big ideas, all at a scale of 1:50 – requiring some very agile maneuvering to fit through a standard door.

Nonetheless, these models illustrate wondrous worlds & environments, informing and responding to the shape and ideas of Melbourne Now. The show, which has come to occupy most of the exhibition spaces across both sites, will be bursting out of galleries, into the foyers, cafés, garden, city and street.  But for the time being, the models are bursting out of the design studio.

The exhibition design team, armed with ambitious proposals from artists and designers, and also armed with a trusty hot glue gun, are helping to realise some of these visions through the art of model making. Our job is to collaborate and to assist in creating environments in which people can engage with art and design.

What the image shows are some of the many spaces we are creating for kids – places to make noise; a little dancing wouldn’t be out of place; and somewhere for them to become artists themselves through making and performing.

So the time is nearing when our fantastic & very plastic lady in white (affectionately known as Miss M), will have to make the transition into the real world. Next we begin prototyping and translating these 1:50 mockups in to real sized, real spaces.

Stayed tuned for the next development in the design process.