Melbourne Now countdown – day 94

One of the features of Melbourne Now will be the significant presence of design in the exhibition, both in terms of the diverse range of design projects and objects that will be on display, and through the exhibition and graphic design of the show itself. Some of Melbourne’s best designers have been invited in to develop key components of the exhibition alongside the NGV’s in-house team and this has provided a great opportunity for the Gallery’s designers to engage with colleagues in their field in new ways and to collaborate on a range of exciting new projects.

Currently the NGV design studio is buzzing with activity as exhibition models are being finalised for the 8,000 plus square metres of exhibition display space and a large number of artists’ installations are busily being developed from concept sketches through to construction ready documentation. The next three months will see a major transformation of the Gallery’s two sites as Melbourne Now progressively occupies the gallery spaces, foyers, balconies, cafes, gardens and many other spaces in between.