NGV Magazine welcomes in the new year with NGV Triennial 2020, which shares the most ambitious and creative contemporary art, design and architecture and offers a glimpse into the world right now. Through essays, artist interviews, exhibition photographs and insights this issue explores the different ways that creative practitioners question the world as it is, while also asking how it could be in the future.

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Designer Spotlight: Faye Toogood

Listen to author Glenn Adamson read his long-form essay on Faye Toogood and discover why she is a designer of ‘supreme sensibility’.

Deep Read: Looking skywards

Whatever form clouds take, literally or metaphorically, we can find meaning in them. Listen to author Dr Vincent Alessi read his long-form essay on works in the NGV Triennial and historical works from the Collection that depict clouds.


Faye Toogood’s new installation for NGV Triennial moves through the light cycle of a day, as it would have been experienced in the time before electricity. Hear from Toogood as she shares how she re-imagined the NGV’s Flemish, Dutch and British art galleries.


From plastic drinking straws to cigarette butts, for Porky Hefer, consumer materials provide a world of inspiration to create pieces that are playful yet which speak to uncertain futures. Watch the designer on his latest series Plastocene – Marine Mutants From a Disposable World, 2020, then read about the powerful language of material in Myf Doughty’s essay for Deep Read on page 18.


In Polish-German artist Alicja Kwade’s hands, rules of physics seem to give in; materials transform, time bends and gravity is defied. Discover why in this interview with the artist.


Meet New York–based artist Daniel Arsham, find out how he presents a world where past, present and future coexist, and discover the works in the NGV Collection that inspired his new sculptures.


Taking its name from the dying words spoken by Shakespeare’s Othello, Fred Wilson created his chandelier To die upon a kiss, 2020, to examine the history and presence of Africans in Venice. Watch Wilson in conversation with NGV Curator Pip Wallis to find out why.


Quantum memories, 2020, combines AI with the newer technology of quantum computing to create alternate visions of nature. Uncover Refik Anadol’s process and intention behind his captivating work in this interview.