Clifford BAYLISS<br/>
<em>Garden scene</em> (c. 1936-c. 1940) <!-- (recto) --><br />

oil on canvas<br />
86.6 x 111.6 cm<br />
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne<br />
Presented by the artist under the terms of the National Gallery of Victoria Travelling Scholarship, 1940<br />
1083-4<br />
© Courtesy of Bridget McDonnell Gallery

NGV Women’s Association Garden Day 2017

Clifford BAYLISS
Garden scene (c. 1936-c. 1940)

The NGV Women’s Association Garden Day 2017 was held in the City of Stonnington on Thursday 19 October. This day was made possible due in large part to the generosity of the owners of these beautiful private gardens. The NGV Women’s Association is sincerely grateful to the garden owners and all the volunteers involved in Garden Day 2017. The event concluded with a raffle drawn at 12pm, Friday 20 October at NGV, 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne (Permit Number 10713/17).

All proceeds from this event support the NGV Women’s Association’s continued fundraising for the acquisition of art at the NGV.

We would like to congratulate the following winners of the NGV Women’s Association Garden Day Raffle.

Frances Bell, Amanda McPherson, Helen Brown, Judy Morrison. Anne Tenner, Lisette McDonald, Roberta Condie, Toni Franchi, Julie Anderson, Maree Tilley, Laura Kininmonth, Rosemary Nillson, Bud Batrouney, Shirley Rice, Katherine Strover, Deb Christiansen, Geraldine Monaghan, Margrett Hardie, June Lambe, Maggie Nanut, Edwina Sinclair, Liz Aitchison, Judy Buchan, Natasha Rice, Julie Reid, Markela Peck, Kathryn MacDonald, Liz Thom, Kathy Cocovski, Irene Kritikides.

NGV would like to thank everyone who contributed to the NGV Women’s Association Garden Day and the organisations who supported the raffle.