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COVER STORY KAWS: Inside Brian Donnelly's Brooklyn World

‘First I chose KAWS for the way the letters balanced with each other, but later I realised that by working under this name it becomes harder for people to form opinions about who is making the work and leaves them with just the work.’

By Simon Maidment

SECRET LIFE OF ART Zaha Hadid: Wave Sofa

‘It is no coincidence that Hadid used architectural theory in her furniture designs, as both modern furniture and modern architecture shared the same guiding principle of requiring a lot of detail and attention in order to achieve a look of minimal detail’.

By Suzi Shaw

MUSEUM SPOTLIGHT Museum of the American Revolution

‘Gainsborough’s portrait marked the beginning of a twenty-year period in which St George fought against two revolutions … losing his health, his wife, and ultimately his life in the process.’

By Matthew Skic

DEEP READ A silent and invisible conversation

‘I wanted to feel, again, that transfixing moment of silent communion with an artist, empty of judgment or even discernment.’

By Cate Kennedy

LIFE & TIMES Eva Zeisel

‘For Zeisel, Modernism and its products offered neither ‘amusement nor beauty’ and failed to establish emotional connections between the object and user.’

By Amanda Dunsmore

STUDIO NGV Gala Chef Paul Carmichael

‘I wouldn’t say that working in New York itself has influenced my craft, but the people – not only good chefs, but good people.’

Paul Carmichael, Executive Chef, Momofuku Seiōbo prepares for NGV Gala