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COVER STORY One Suggestive Moment

‘A new NGV exhibition, Petrina Hicks: Bleached Gothic, along with Olympia: Photographs by Polixeni Papapetrou, re-skins notions of intimacy, honesty and reality in art and photography, opening up an ambiguous grey zone of time, existence and ‘being-ness’.

By Isobel Crombie

ART IN FOCUS Polixeni Papapetrou's Prize Thimble

Prize thimble, 2004, a work from Papapetrou’s Wonderland series, exemplifies Papapetrou’s fascination with the writing and photography of Lewis Carroll, including his most famous and much-loved character, Alice.’

By Susan van Wyk

SECRET LIFE OF ART The Fascinating Mortimer Menpes

‘The writer Oscar Wilde … mocked Menpes’s belief that he could understand Japanese culture by travelling there.’

By Petra Kayser and Holly McGowan-Jackson

MUSEUM SPOTLIGHT The Misunderstood William Blake

‘Blake was famously neglected during his lifetime … but each subsequent generation has rediscovered Blake in its own way – as an eccentric visionary, exemplary Romantic genius, mystic, dedicated artisan or radical hero.’

By Martin Myrone and Louise Wilson

LIFE & TIMES The Intricate Designs of Lisa Waup

‘By incorporating found objects into her weaving, Waup breathes new life into these organic materials, guided by their unique shapes and textures as she makes her own work.’

By Hannah Presley

STUDIO Australian Textile Artist Tammy Kanat

‘Never sure how a work will transpire, Kanat sits or stands at her loom and allows the tapestry to emerge, realising that the final output is often affected by her emotions at the time or the events in her life.’

By Paola Di Trocchio