Font Awesome icons can be used throughout the website as needed. These are often used in buttons, or to add context to multimedia (i.e. sign language and audio description availability).

The most commonly used icons are displayed below. To use these, copy the HTML code below and paste it into the text editor in WordPress as needed.


<i class="fas fa-gift"></i>

Right arrow

<i class="fas fa-angle-right"></i>

Down arrow

<i class="fas fa-angle-down"></i>

Audio description

<i class="fas fa-audio-description"></i>

Sign language

<i class="fas fa-american-sign-language-interpreting"></i>

Play button

<i class="fa fa-play-circle"></i>

Closed Captioning

<i class="fa fa-solid fa-closed-captioning"></i>

Download Arrow

<i class="fa fa-arrow-down"></i>