This page documents styles currently displayed across the website – with the exception of the ticketing system (Tessitura) and the design store.

Exhibition titles

  • Exhibition titles are displayed in italics in running text.
  • They are usually in sentence case – but occasionally there are exceptions.
  • For annual/returning exhibitions there are no italics. Only exception is if the name is specific to the year. For example, the Architecture Commission (no itals) This is (Air) has itals. Same goes for Country Road + NGV First Nations Commissions: My Country.


  • Headlines are usually in title case
  • Locations are in title case – eg: Ground Level


  • As per Cumulus image or shortened form of NGV house style:
    Name of artist
    Title of work (in italics) year (detail) – if appropriate
    Credit lines


  • Use call to action phrases when adding links to pages, for example:
    View more
  • Html for this link: <a class="button" href="https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au">View more <i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i></a>
  • Do not use the term: Click here. Please use descriptive language within links such as ‘Download PDF’ or ‘View event page’
  • Please use the correct icons such as not >
  • Links with the icon should sit on their own line, the should not appear in running text

View icons


  • Use an un-spaced en dash in number spans: 106–107


  • Use an un-spaced en dash in time spans: 5–9.30pm
  • Use am and pm not a.m. and p.m.
  • Do not use minutes if display is on the hour: 12pm not 12.00pm
  • Use minutes if display is part of an hour: 12.30pm


  • Months:  3 letters Jan, Feb, Jun etc.
  • Year (if required to denote span across years):  22 Nov 13 – 23 Mar 14
  • Use a spaced en dash between years / months / days:  22 Nov 13 – 23 Mar 14 / 10 Jul – 21 Aug / Sat 10 –  Sun 11 Jul
  • Use an unspaced en dash between dates: 22–24 Nov

Time  & date

  • Sun 10 Aug, 12.30pm


Do not use a full stop in the following instances:

  • At the end of a title
  • In headings, subheadings or navigation
  • After captions and teaser text that aren’t complete sentences
  • After dates


Before uploading an image to the media library please:

  • Check if it is available in Cumulus
  • Search the media library to make sure it has not been previously uploaded

When uploading an image to the media library please:

  • Name the image so it is searchable, e.g officeworks-logo.jpg
  • Include caption information in the title field. Please remember, ALL IMAGES REQUIRE A CAPTION.