A World of Dreams

Sat 16 Nov 19, 11am–11.30am

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Exhibition space
Level 3

Shirin Neshat: Dreamers is a trilogy of video installations that explores the world of dreams from the perspective of three female subjects.

How does the artist reflect on her personal nightmares and dreamscapes through these works, and can the protagonists be interpreted as projections of the artist herself?

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian-born artist and filmmaker living in New York. Since the early 1990s, her work has explored the complex relationships of femininity to Islam, representations of the Muslim faith in poetic and evocative ways, and the manner in which social, political, religious and cultural codes shape us as individuals.

Katharina Prugger, Curatorial Project Officer, Contemporary Art, NGV
Shirin Neshat NGV International