Asia Society X NGV: Faith & Art – The Legacy of Confucianism Across Asia

Tue 29 Sep, 12pm–1pm

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How do faith, religion and belief shape communities and how is this reflected in the art that is produced? Inspired by works in the NGV Collection , explore the relationship between faith, art and society in a series of conversations – starting in September with Confucianism.

In celebration of Confucius’ birthday, consider the ongoing legacy of Confucianism across Asia.

Many years after his death, Confucius continues to influence a large part of Asia though the values of respect of hierarchy, social conformity, and education to achieve personal and social order. How have different Asian countries internalised Confucianism as they modernised? How has this legacy impacted economic growth and social change in Asia and in particular the response to COVID-19?

Presented in partnership with Asia Society Australia.

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