Classical Chinese Music Performance by QiQi NGV Lunar New Year 2023

Sun 22 Jan 23, 10.30am–11.30am

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Great Hall
Ground Level

Enjoy a performance of classical Chinese music by Guzheng instrumentalist QiQi, who creates a magical atmosphere with a blend of classical and folk styles.

About the artist

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, QiQi tells stories and conveys the imagery of beautiful scenery through the rich, resonant, and haunting tones of the 21-string Chinese zither, with its origins dating back some 2600 years. With a deep passion for music, QiQi strives to share the rich cultural heritage of the Guzheng and take audiences on an enchanting journey through time. 

About Lunar New Year 2023

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at the National Gallery of Victoria. Enjoy a day of art, food, art-making activities, music and lion dance performances for all ages especially for Lunar New Year.

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