Clinton Naina’s Stolen Climate for Secondary students

Wed 26 May, 9.30am–10am (AEST)

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Levels 7-10, VCE

This Reconciliation week, join artist Clinton Naina and NGV educator John Parkinson in a discussion about his work, on display in Big Weather. In his work Stolen Climate, Naina expressively combines bleach and cotton to link the effects of climate change to the impact of colonisation on First Nations people. Explore how his use of materials engages us with these critical environmental and social issues and reflect on the urgent messages in his art.

This virtual program is presented live from the exhibition space. You can send us your questions early or type them into the WebEx chat window during the event.

Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: Free

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how Clinton Naina has used materials, techniques and processes to realise his intentions in Stolen Climate
  • Analyse how social, political and ecological issues affecting First Nations people are expressed in Clinton Naina’s art
  • Discuss how artists and designers create, influence or represent social and ecological change through their work
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