Triennial Design and Sustainability | Shaping the Future for Teachers

Wed 24 Feb, 4pm–5.30pm (AEDT)

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Discover how contemporary designers respond to the environmental, social and economic challenges of our age, questioning how to live sustainably with the resources we have. Prepare for a virtual excursion with your students through an overview of the program with links to curriculum and ideas to bring back to the classroom.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Develop practical strategies for exploring Triennial with students in the classroom and Gallery.
  • Investigate how designers address competing considerations, including sustainability, in the design of solutions for current and future use.
  • Evaluate the factors that influence design decisions in a range of visual communications.
  • Identify and describe the use of methods, media, materials, design elements and design principles in visual communications from different social and cultural contexts.
  • Identify and describe the purpose, intended audience and context in a range of visual communications from different social and cultural contexts.

Duration: 90 mins

Cost: $20

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