History Challenge Ask an Archaeologist

Fri 22 Oct, 9.30am–11am (AEDT)

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Levels 5 – 6

What was life like for people thousands of years ago? How can we use primary sources to investigate their experiences? Travel thousands of years back in time to ancient Egypt with a real-life archeologist. Get your virtual trowels ready to explore life and the afterlife through ancient objects from the NGV’s Antiquities Collection.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the different methods and sources used by historians and archaeologists to investigate life and death in ancient Egypt
  • Use primary sources from NGV’s Antiquity Collection to investigate significant beliefs associated with death and funerary customs, daily life, and myth and ritual
  • Assess the ways powerful figures in history have chosen to be portrayed in primary sources and consider the purpose of this


Johanna Petkov, Archaeologist and NGV Educator

Monique Nolan, NGV Educator.

Please note that this program is a repeat from 2020.

This program is part of Creative Catalyst, a program for high ability students attending Victorian Government schools. 

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