Cover of Beehives zine, published by innen books, 2020.

Launch: Beehives

Sat 14 Mar 20, 1pm–2pm

Cover of Beehives zine, published by innen books, 2020.
Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

Presented by Honey Fingers and TERRAIN Projects

Beehives is a tour of historical and contemporary hives from around the world. While separated by geography, language and culture– all beekeepers have a word for, and are connected by, beekeeping.

Honey Fingers is more than an urban beekeeping network. We are a creative and dynamic project that explores the connections between farming, food, art, history, design and education; and we always revolve our work around bees. Honey Fingers is only five seasons old and is continually growing, and transforming, to suit the directions new friends, new projects and new ideas take it.

TERRAIN Projects displays a selection of publications emphasising the mutualistic interconnectedness of humans with nature, as one planetary ecosystem.

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