Launch: Souvenirs of Sleep Presented by Ling Ang
Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy

Sat 27 Mar, 1.30pm–2.30pm (AEDT)

Past program

Free entry

Centre for Contemporary Photography

404 George Street, Fitzroy VIC

Presented by Ling Ang as part of Melbourne Design Week & Melbourne Art Book Fair

Souvenirs of Sleep is an ongoing project that explores the world of dreaming. This is Ling Ang’s first book that combines her photographs from the conscious realm with text documenting the unconscious realm.

Ang has been writing her lucid dreams across the span of three years, pairing subconscious moments with imagery captured from the conscious world.

Filmmaker, Ling Ang, has been documenting her dreams through written records across the span of three years. She combines these journals with her photographs captured from the conscious world, to bring to life these personal subconscious narratives. Familiar landmarks turn into the locations of a sci-fi fantasy. Recurring themes revolving around her childhood, relationships, hedonism, trauma and the afterlife. The book invites the reader into a private world of universal vulnerabilities and challenges them to explore their own inhibitions


Ling Ang is a filmmaker and artist with a decade of productions spanning across the UK, Asia, Europe, the US and Australia. Ang has been exploring the realm of dreams since September 2018, with over 700 written records to date.

Launch Photography Centre for Contemporary Photography

404 George Street, Fitzroy VIC