Studio Challenge | Minecraft Modernism Architecture Workshop with Louise O'Brien - Primary

Fri 3 Jun 22, 1pm–3pm

Past program


This program takes place virtually

Levels 4 – 6

What is ‘modernism’ and what do modernist homes look like? What are the factors that architects consider when designing houses now? Discover the defining characteristics of modernism through works from the NGV Collection and local architectural design and learn how key principles of modernism influence contemporary residential design internationally. Join architect Louise O’Brien to learn some of the design tips and tricks used by professionals. Inspired by what you have learned, imagine, create and refine your own modernist inspired residential design using Minecraft.  

Participants will need access to their own working Minecraft account and device (whether computer, console or ipad) and be willing to share screen. 


  • Paper/pencils for sketching 
  • Access to Minecraft account and working device  

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how design elements and principles are used in modernist art, design and architecture  
  • Identify the influence of modernism on contemporary design 
  • Practice 3D rendering and spatial thinking  
  • Employ critical thinking to consider a design problem considering issues of sustainability 
  • Articulate design concepts taking inspiration from examples of modern and contemporary architectural design 

Speaker: Louise O’Brien

Louise O’Brien is a highly regarded and successful architect with more than twenty years’ experience in multiple sectors both locally and internationally. She is founder of Apsara Collective – a residential and building and interior architecture studio. O’Brien is passionate about design and the opportunities it provides to inspire and empower young people. She lectures at a tertiary level and runs the ‘Architecture for Kids’ school based in Sydney.  

This program is part of Creative Catalyst, a program for high ability students attending Victorian Government schools.

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