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BURKAT SHUDI & JOHN BROADWOOD, London (manufacturer)
Harpsichord 1771 (detail)
Past program

MSO at NGV: Music in the Renaissance and Baroque

Sat 5 May, 2pm–3pm
NGV International
Level 2

Free entry

What was the role and function of keyboard instruments in life, art and music in the 17th and 18th centuries within aristocratic society?

François Couperin was a leading composer of the French court under Louis XIV and Louis XV. The program will include a performance and broader discussion around one of François Couperin’s Concerts Royaux by musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, with the NGV’s Spinet of 1700 and Burkat Shudi and John Broadwood Harpsichord of 1771 on display.

Amanda Dunsmore, Senior Curator, International Decorative Arts and Antiquities, NGV
Donald Nicolson, Harpsichordist, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra