Young Philosophers | Right or Wrong?

Mon 7 Jun, 4.30pm–6pm (AEST)

Past program

This program takes place virtually

Levels 7 – 8

What are we really saying when we make moral statements? Are we saying something objectively true or are we simply expressing a personal belief? How can we know? Get acquainted with moral theories in this virtual program with guest speaker Dr Lenny Robinson. Use concept games and thought experiments to develop philosophical arguments and create a folio of ideas inspired by works in the NGV Collection.

Learning Objectives 

  • Discuss ‘big ideas’ using art from the NGV collection Collection as a provocation
  • Explain and justify thinking processes and formulate arguments
  • Consider the plausibility of different arguments and viewpoints
  • Create a folio documenting ideas from the session

Speaker Bio

Dr. Lenny Robinson has worked as a philosophy teacher for almost two decades and for the VCAA in areas related to VCE Philosophy curriculum development and assessment for over 15 years. Together with Anna Symes, she is the author of a series of popular philosophy textbooks and the founder and previous convener of Preshil’s annual Philosophy Conference, a one-day event that brings together international and Australian philosophers, teachers and high school students to share ideas and engage in philosophical dialogue.

This program is part of Creative Catalyst, a program for high ability students attending Victorian Government schools.

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