Studio Challenge with Natalie Ryan

Tue 22 Sep, 10.30am–12pm

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Levels 3-6

Uncover the themes, aesthetics and ideas in textile designs in Japanese modernist kimono and the work of guest speaker and designer Natalie Ryan. In this virtual program, learn about the symbolic qualities of the native flora and fauna that inspire Ryan, and the tools and techniques she uses to produce environmentally conscious textiles. To finish, get creative and make your own eco-friendly print using only found materials and resources from around your home.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyse and interpret sources of inspiration in Japanese modernist art and works by designer Natalie Ryan.
  • Investigate the materials, equipment and processes used by print making artists and designers.
  • Create a print inspired by Australian native flora and fauna using found materials and resources.
  • Reflect upon and discuss the artistic process followed throughout the activity.

About the Artist
Natalie Ryan grew up in central Victoria where her love of drawing and painting nature began at an early age. Her background in textile design influences the sense of pattern and flow that permeates throughout her watercolour and gouache paintings. Natalie’s studio is in an old farmhouse surrounded by a rambling country garden that provides an endless source of inspiration for her art and design practice.

The Studio Challenge is part of Creative Catalyst, a program for high ability students attending Victorian Government schools.

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