Thibault promo photo_photographer Jamie Wdziekonski

Triennial Summer Stage

Sun 20 Dec 20, 12pm–5pm

Thibault promo photo_photographer Jamie Wdziekonski
Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

The NGV Garden will come alive all summer as we celebrate the best of Melbourne music, food, bars and entertainment with expanded seating and picnic areas to enjoy. Grab a drink, a bite to eat and enjoy music every weekend from 12–5pm in the garden as NGV partners with Melbourne Music Week-Extended to present a line-up of local Melbourne musicians, bands and DJs on the Triennial Summer Stage.



Thibault is the long-awaited new project for Melbourne musician Nicole Thibault. Thibault play melodic jams that sound like they have travelled back in time to Paris in the 60’s but also to the future where robots have taken over the world. Thibault’s music is full of harmonic invention, unexpected arrangements, and atmospheres so lush they make the hairs on the back of your next stand up.


Billy Davis & The Good Lords

Melbourne artist Billy Davis’ unique sound, positive approach, and sheer drive has piqued the interest of many international artists, who have become not just contemporaries but friends. Billy has shared the stage with Anderson Paak, NoName, Blackalicious, Thundamental, Touch Sensitive and most recently Jessica Mauboy.


Wax’o Paradiso

Soundtracking the verandah of Howard Arkley’s suburban weatherboard paradise, Wax’o Paradiso consists of Edd Fisher and Simon TK. Dubbed the Dimboola triangle of lost groove, Wax’o has popped up in floating rooftop gardens, convents, shipping containers, train yards, amphitheatres and under the Sydney Harbour bridge.
Performance NGV Triennial 2020 NGV International