Talk About Art Challenge

Thu 15 Oct, 9.30am–11am


This program takes place virtually

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Let’s talk about art. Surrealism is one of the most influential and intriguing art movements of the twentieth century. Frequently inspired by dreams, the irrational or the subconscious, Surrealist works challenge artistic convention and invite creative and personal responses. Develop your critical and creative thinking, visual analysis and language skills through activities and discussion inspired by Surrealist works in the NGV Collection. Make connections, stretch your imagination, share ideas about art with clarity and confidence.

Learning Objectives

  • Use different thinking tools and activities to generate questions and ideas about artworks
  • Analyse, interpret and respond creatively to Surrealist works
  • Interrogate information and viewpoints to develop and justify opinions about meanings and ideas in artworks
  • Clearly and confidently communicate ideas about artworks to an audience

The Talk About Art Challenge is part of Creative Catalyst, a program for high ability students attending Victorian Government schools.

This program is available on request for groups of 10 or more students.


The National Gallery of Victoria is a proud partner of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series, an initiative of the Department of Education and Training (DET) that provides opportunities for high-ability Victorian government school students.

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