John Wardle Architects, woven by Chris Cochius, Pamela Joyce, Jennifer Sharpe and Cheryl Thornton
Perspectives on a Flat Surface 2016
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Thu 22 Mar 18, 6pm–8pm

Tapestry x Architecture: Responding to Place
Presented by Australian Tapestry Workshop

Australian Tapestry Workshop

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For this panel discussion at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, join architects Peter Williams, John Wardle and collaborative artists and architects Superpleased (Eli Giannini and Sue Buchanan) as they discuss contemporary tapestry and its ongoing relationship to architecture and space. Their discussion will examine the effect of design on people and perceptions of the built environment.
This panel is presented at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in conjunction with the launch of the 2018 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects, the third iteration of this prize. An exhibition of tapestry samples will also be available to view at the gallery space.

Peter Williams, Williams Boag Architects
John Wardle, John Wardle Architects
Eli Giannini, Superpleased
Sue Buchanan, Superpleased

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Australian Tapestry Workshop

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