Getting to the Art of Conservation

Thu 27 May, 11am–12.30pm (AEST)

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Levels 8-10

Getting to the Art of Conservation

How long should a work of art last? How much of a masterpiece should be restored? What materials should you never use to conserve art? Art, science, ethics, and creative problem-solving questions like these are all part of the job for conservators. Join painting, objects and furniture conservators from the NGV to solve real-life conservation problems and consider how the science of conservation applies to you.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the role of a conservator at the NGV
  • Recognise the role of science, creativity and ethics in conservation
  • Discuss how consequences and responsibilities impact ethical decision-making and action in the conservation of cultural materials
  • Use evidence and reasoning to determine a treatment strategy for an object in a real life conservation case study

The Creativity Matters Forum is part of Creative Catalyst, a program for high ability students attending Victorian Government schools.

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