Thou Shalt Not! (And So I Did!) with Tim McKew

Sun 21 Aug 22, 3pm–4.30pm

Past program

NGV International

Clemenger BBDO Auditorium
Ground Level

Hearing loops and accessible seating are available.

Former TV child star, activist and anarchic cabaret performer, Tim McKew incorporates music and humour into his biographical presentation.


Tim McKew grew up in a working-class Irish / Italian Catholic family. In his mid-teens under the advice of the Catholic Church and psychiatric authorities, he was given shock treatment to rewire his gay brain. This experience set the path for Tim, who would become a queer cabaret anarchist and performance artist, shocking and delighting audiences from Melbourne and Sydney to London, Berlin and Shanghai.

“They’re an endangered species these Chameleons, the Barry Humphries, the Paul Hogans and Tim McKews of this world” – Rennie Ellis

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