Triennial Here I am | Exploring Identity for Teachers

Wed 10 Feb, 4pm–5.30pm (AEDT)

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Experience this student program redesigned for teachers! Through sharing discussion around works of art and design, students can explore questions of identity, diversity and values to build greater empathy, respect and understanding of diversity in our community. Gather ideas, skills and knowledge to enhance your classroom practice and Gallery learning.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Develop practical strategies for exploring Triennial with students in the classroom and Gallery.
  • Examine how different cultural groups are represented in Triennial and comment on the purpose and impact of these representations.
  • Discuss how artists and designers express cultural identity, values and beliefs in their works.
  • Analyse and interpret the themes, concepts, ideas and identify sources of inspiration in Triennial works of art and design.
  • Discuss ways in which art and design might be used to build empathy and acceptance of diversity.

Duration:  90 mins

Cost: $20

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