Triennial Stage

Sun 11 Apr 21, 12pm–5pm

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

The NGV Garden comes alive as we celebrate the best of Melbourne music, food, bars and entertainment with expanded seating and picnic areas to enjoy. Grab a drink, a bite to eat and enjoy music every weekend from 12–5pm in the garden as the NGV presents a line-up of local Melbourne musicians, bands and DJs on the Triennial Stage.


Soju Gang (DJ Set)

No stranger to the Melbourne party scene, Soju Gang is hard to miss, and her DJ flavour hard to resist. She spins a set as powerful and eclectic as her personal style. With deep roots in eighties and nineties hip-hop, R&B and everything party, Soju Gang has a hard-hitting presence in the local scene, and is swiftly becoming synonymous with a jam-packed dance floor.


Cong Josie (DJ Set)

Cong Josie is the moonlighting alter-ego (and anagram) of Nic Oogjes, frontman of cult ‘Heat Beat’ band, NO ZU. With an LP due out on It Records soon, Cong is riding high on his unique blend of twangy rock’n’roll, throbbing synths, doo-wop balladry and Aussie servo-post-punk. You can expect a story-arc-soundscape of his many inspirations when he is in rodeo disk-jockey mode.
Performance NGV Triennial 2020 NGV International