Triennial Summer Stage

Sat 20 Feb 21, 12pm–5pm

Past program

Free entry

NGV International

Grollo Equiset Garden
Ground Level

The NGV Garden will come alive all summer as we celebrate the best of Melbourne music, food, bars and entertainment with expanded seating and picnic areas to enjoy. Grab a drink, a bite to eat and enjoy music every weekend from 12–5pm in the garden as NGV partners with Melbourne Music Week-Extended to present a line-up of local Melbourne musicians, bands and DJs on the Triennial Summer Stage.


Gena Rose Bruce

There’s a vibrant youthfulness and deep maturity that underpins Bruce’s songwriting and her debut album Can’t Make You Love Me is an intoxicating ride through love, lust, surrender and revival.


emerald (DJ Set)

Broadcaster of Tripe R’s Tomorrow Never Knows, emerald has spent five years DJing at parties and festivals around Melbourne with sets exploring techno breaks, new wave synth, cosmic disco & deep-house party rhythms.
Performance NGV Triennial 2020 NGV International