Wednesday Work of the Week Noh theatre robe, Karaori

Wed 3 Nov, 9.15am (AEDT)

Past program

This program takes place virtually

Levels: 3-8

Join an NGV Educator for a short and lively introduction to one work from the NGV Collection and Exhibitions and catch a glimpse of the Gallery before the NGV opens to the public. To have your questions answered about the Wednesday Work of the Week send them in advance to [email protected].
The program recording will also be available to access online for booked participants.

Noh theatre robe, Karaori

Did you know that Noh is a classical form of Japanese masked dance drama with themes which often relate to dreams, the supernatural world and ghosts? Performers wear ornate robes and masks while acting and dancing on stage. This week, take a close look at a nineteenth century Noh theatre robe in the karaori style, and discover the intricacies and symbolism in its detailed design.

Learning objectives

  • Define Noh theatre and describe its historical and cultural context
  • Identify specific features and uses of Noh costumes including Karaori style robes
  • Anaylse and interpret how ideas are expressed in Noh theatre robe through motifs, patterns and designs.

Duration: 15 mins

Cost: Free

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