Wednesday Work of the Week 360 flip on country

Wed 24 Nov, 9.15am (AEDT)

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Levels: 3-8

Join an NGV Educator for a short and lively introduction to one work from the NGV Collection and exhibitions. To have your questions answered about the Wednesday Work of the Week send them in advance to [email protected]
The program recording will also be available to access online for booked participants.

360 flip on country

Do you think it’s possible to ride a work of art? Claudia Moodoonuthi might think so! Moodoonuthi is a young artist connected to the Kaiadilt and Lardil peoples of Bentinck Island, Queensland. This week, we look at her series of six colourful skateboards that express her connection to Country and ceremony.

Learning objectives

  • Identify what inspired Claudia Moodoonuthi to create the series 360 flip on country
  • Describe the colours, lines shapes and patterns that appear on the skateboards
  • Discuss the significance of Moodoonuthi’s application of traditional symbols on modern objects

Duration: 15 mins

Cost: Free

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