Wednesday Work of the Week | Primary

Wed 10 Feb, 9.30am (AEDT)

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Levels 1-6

Join an NGV Educator live from the NGV for a short and lively introduction to one work of art or design from Triennial.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Explore the ways in which artists communicate their views, beliefs and opinions in artworks
  • Identify and describe how ideas are expressed in Triennial art and design works
  • Discuss how artworks are made and how the choice of materials can influence the meaning of artworks

Walls 4 Sale: near new and supersized

Delving into the mysterious and hyper-competitive world of real estate advertising and sales, BTVV present Walls 4 Sale: near new and supersized 2020, a newly commissioned exhibition inviting audiences to reflect upon the visual properties of the walls, floors, windows and doors that make up the contemporary apartment dwelling. Visitors will step inside this visually arresting, quirky and – at times – hilarious speculative interior, which at first appears as a generic, mass-produced apartment development in inner-urban Melbourne. It is in fact an architectural collage of the ‘worst practices’ of real estate photography featuring manipulated interior perspectives and ‘coveted’ appliances and material finishes. A satirical work of architecture that pokes serious fun at ubiquitous, low-quality property development, while also teasing our peculiar cultural penchant for homogeneous, white on white interiors.

Duration: 15 mins

Cost: Free

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