Wednesday Work of the Week | Primary

Wed 17 Mar, 9.30am (AEST)

Past program

This program takes place virtually

Levels 1-6

Join an NGV Educator live from the NGV for a short and lively introduction to one work of art or design from Triennial.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Explore the ways in which artists communicate their views, beliefs and opinions in artworks
  • Identify and describe how ideas are expressed in Triennial art and design works
  • Discuss how artworks are made and how the choice of materials can influence the meaning of artworks

Kengo Kuma and Geoff Nees
Botanical pavilion

World-renowned architect Kengo Kuma collaborates with local artist Geoff Nees to respond to the philosophical nature of Korean artist Lee Ufan’s painting Dialogue 2017. Through the creation of a new architectural installation, a gallery-scale circular pavilion acts as a sensorial walkway through which to approach and contemplate Ufan’s painting. Made in the Japanese tradition of wooden architecture, where pieces interlock, held by tension and gravity, the Botanical pavilion 2020 features a sublime tessellated interior lined with timber collected from trees felled or removed over several years at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Some of the trees used within the architecture pre-date European settlement, whilst others signal the development over decades of the Gardens marking their role as a site of scientific research and botanical classification. Prioritising natural phenomena over scientific order, the botanical species used are colour coded, rather than following any taxonomic order. This approach offers a statement by the designers against the reductive nature of science during the colonial era – a mindset at odds with many Indigenous cultural beliefs and knowledge systems. Botanical pavilion offers a site for contemplation, reminding us of our relationships to nature and one another.

Duration: 15 mins

Cost: Free

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