Wednesday Work of the Week | Secondary

Wed 24 Mar, 9.45am (AEST)

Past program

This program takes place virtually

Levels 7-12

Take a deep dive into one work of art or design from NGV Triennial. Live every Wednesday through the school term, catch a glimpse of the exhibition with an NGV Educator.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Analyse and interpret the themes, concepts and ideas and identify sources of inspiration in works of art and design.
  • Discuss how artists use materials, techniques, technologies and processes to realise their intentions in their artworks.
  • Identify and connect specific features of works to a wider historical, cultural and social context.

Stuart Haygarth
Optical (tinted)

Optical (tinted) 2009 is a large spherical light created from more than 4,500 tinted prescription spectacle lenses. Recycled from used optical frames, the lenses have been meticulously grouped according to colour density. The work explores the narratives of time, loss, consumption and modernity. Engaging in the process of collecting and sorting discarded objects, Haygarth elevates them to items of value and beauty through the production of handcrafted contemporary lighting. The more dense and cloudy lenses appear at the nucleus of the chandelier, gradually becoming clear towards the outer layers of the form, where the lenses appear virtually transparent. Illuminated from its core, light is refracted through the many layers of lenses both tinted and clear. The overall effect is a large dazzling crystal-like disco ball, which on closer inspection is composed of optical elements designed to aid and focus human sight. Optical (tinted) belongs to a collection of contemporary art and design works for the NGV Triennial centred around the theme of illumination.

Duration: 15 mins

Cost:  Free

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