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Levels 7-12

Take a deep dive into one work of art or design from NGV Triennial. Live every Wednesday through the school term, catch a glimpse of the exhibition with an NGV Educator.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Analyse and interpret the themes, concepts and ideas and identify sources of inspiration in works of art and design.
  • Discuss how artists use materials, techniques, technologies and processes to realise their intentions in their artworks.
  • Identify and connect specific features of works to a wider historical, cultural and social context.

Tomoaki Suzuki
Biole, Carson, Dasha, Marisa,

NGV Triennial features nine works by Tomoaki Suzuki made between 2009 and 2020. The most recent sculpture is Marisa, based on a Canadian citizen living in London. Just before lockdown was imposed in the UK in March 2020, Marisa left in a hurry to join her family in Canada and Suzuki had to finish the sculpture working remotely, with the model posing in front of a computer in Canada and the artist working on the sculpture in front of a screen in Dalston. Over the past two decades, Suzuki has employed a unique approach in creating his hand carved lime wood sculptures. The first stage is the selection of the model. The artist looks for people with a distinctive sense of style, immersed in the present. Once the model is identified, Suzuki takes hundreds of photographs and hours of videos. After that, he begins the process of sculpting the figure out of a piece of wood. This stage usually lasts for several months and involves many sessions from life, with the model posing in front of the artist in the studio. The final stage is the painting of the sculpture to capture the different textures and tones of clothing and skin. The figures are scaled down to one third of the model’s size, and when installed, they are positioned directly on the floor. Suzuki contrasts the traditional technique of carving a figure from life with contemporary fashion styles in a practice he describes as ‘taking photographs through sculpture’.

Duration: 15 mins

Cost:  Free

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