Transnational Cinema, image courtesy of Sky Crompton

Workshop: Transnational Cinema  Presented by Sky Crompton
Online Event

Sat 27 Mar 21, 4pm–4.45pm

Transnational Cinema, image courtesy of Sky Crompton
Past program


This program takes place virtually

Presented by Sky Crompton as part of Melbourne Art Book Fair

Emerging from today’s screen canvases Transnational Cinema crosses national, cultural and social boundaries speaking to diverse audiences. The talk accompanying the book launch will explore how to approach transnational screenwriting and will include a Q&A session followed by a hands on workshop.


Sky Crompton is a feature film screenwriter, director and producer, his award winning Asian-Australian film Citizen Jia Li was picked up internationally in 2014. Sky has over two decades industry experience as a filmmaker and educator exploring the practice and craft of telling stories for the screen.

This project is supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Community Grants Program.