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Remembering Top Arts 2007

My memories of the Top Arts exhibition can only be preceded by the countless hours I spent in the art room at Camberwell Grammar, honing my pottery skills when I technically should have been in maths class (sorry Mr Carter!).

VCE Studio Art for me was the awakening of my own creativity, where I first got lost in the medium, and came to realize that being creative would be my life’s work. The Top Arts exhibition was the icing on the cake. I was honored to have three of my works considered for the exhibition, with my favourite piece being selected for Top Arts 2007.

The confidence I got from exhibiting meant I could step out into ‘the real world’ knowing that art and creativity is both respected and revered, and that I might not actually be condemned to a boring life behind a desk. After taking time off after high school (and a brief deluded attempt at a Bachelor of Biomedicine), I was able to talk my way into the Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) at RMIT. While it wasn’t ceramics, it was a creative degree that I saw myself pursuing and making a career of. The course placed a strong emphasis on the creative process and strived to teach us not how to design, but why!

Since finishing the degree, I have been fortunate enough to build my own clientele and work independently as a graphic designer. This has afforded me the time to start a coworking studio in Richmond with my brother David. The studio, Fifty North, is home to a variety of creative professionals and freelancers.

Admittedly, I had been yearning for a number of years to continue ceramics but found it challenging to find the time or facilities to do so.  After a brief phone call earlier this year with my teacher Kevin Boyd, I was back at Camberwell Grammar behind the same wheel I once sweated over years ago. A return only six years in the making!