Review of Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids

What did you like about Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids?
The picture of the house at the start of the book.

What was the most interesting story in the book?
I like the story where they spotted him (Monet) painting in the snow.

Did you have a favourite painting in the book and why?
I liked Rough weather at Étretat (Gros temps à Étretat), 1883, because it looks like the people are standing on clouds.

Can you remember a fact about Claude Monet?

Monet was an artist and he lived on beans.

Which drawing of Pierre (the bird) was the most fun?
When Pierre was wearing sunglasses and eating ice-cream. Fun.

Complete an activity from the book and tell us why you liked it.
Making paper flowers was cool. They really opened up and I made a movie of them.

Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids is available in the NGV Shop and all good bookstores for $14.95.