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Ricky Swallow The days aren’t different enough 2009

The days aren't different enough no. 1 (2009)

The days aren’t different enough are a group of four bronze casts of cardboard archery targets found by Swallow in a public park near his home in Los Angeles. They are small-scale, intimate works, each with a unique surface texture that directly mirrors the topography of the respective ‘real’ object from which it is cast. Textures vary in accordance with the clustering of penetration marks made from the archer’s arrows, as well from the nature of the cardboard itself – creases, corrugation, corner damage and paper labels attached to the original surface. Swallow directed artisans to develop a unique patina for each of the targets, varying in chromatic intensity from gunmetal grey to reddish brown tints.

Alex Baker, Senior Curator, Contemporary Art in 2010