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Colour dial table, sunrise light



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Displayed as part of a broad range of projects relating to ideas of illumination, and set amongst the NGV historical collection, Colour dial table, sunrise light 2020 is a circular glass table treated with a surface colour gradient. The piece is a continuation by Rive Roshan, the artistic practice of Ruben de la Rive Box & Golnar Roshan, exploring hues of colour on a glass surface. Light that falls onto the table travels through the glass picking up the different tones and leaves a coloured trail on the surrounding floor. The intention is to use the table as a projector or lens, creating the effect that time is caught in hues settling down on the surface. The resultant image is ever-changing depending on the angle of the source of light. Colour dial table, sunrise light is part of a new body of work by the duo exploring the journey of colour and movement through light.

Rive Roshan is the artistic practice of Ruben de la Rive Box (Netherlands, 1981) and Golnar Roshan (Australia, 1986), working at the intersection of art and design. The studio creates edition objects and immersive installations to connect with people intuitively and leave impressions that last a lifetime. Through exploring the interplay of light, colour, perception and materiality, the studio aims to create sensorial wonder and stimulate emotional well-being. Rive Roshan create worlds with a progressively driven narrative that shift perspectives. Through their work they aim to tell stories that bring about awareness, diversity and change through the transformative power of creativity. Rive Roshan’s work has been exhibited at Les Musée des Arts Decoratifs Paris, The Old Selfridges Hotel London, MAAS Sydney, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Museum JAN.

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